Symantec Norton AntiVirus Plus – Unbiased Review

Started back in 1991, Norton AntiVirus is one of the best and trusted antivirus software around the world. Nowadays days there’s So many variant of Norton software for PCs, Macs and mobile devices, covering security, backup, search, optimization and many more.

We can say that latest and modern Norton AntiVirus Plus is mostly about the fundamentals. It boasts detection of all types of threats, smart behavior monitoring and an excellent file reputation service to spot new threats, along with one of the best anti-phishing technologies available in the market.

There are a few extra benefits, like Norton Identity Safe password manager(Password Vault), but the package isn’t trying to win you over with the length of its feature list. For Details Information I write this details Norton AntiVirus Review


Norton AntiVirus doesn’t have a free trial, so you’ll have to choose Norton Security Deluxe. It’s basically the same package with a firewall, though, so you’ll get a good feel for Norton’s core abilities. Installation is straightforward with amazing Installation guide.

The setup also ask to install a bunch of Norton’s browser extensions. Norton Safe Web which warns you about potential dangerous websites, and Norton Identity Safe is an amazing password manager.


Norton AntiVirus has a clean & stylish UI, absolutely packed with options and controls. Your Norton protection status is shows highlighted, including details on your last update and scan. There are also some beautifully carved buttons for common useful functions , and clicking these leads you to even more detailed settings.

There are some important and crucial extra tools and settings available, too. For instance, if a regular scan can’t detect or fix your problem, the Norton Antivirus also provides the effective Norton Power Eraser, which can detect more harmful threats.

If you prefer a quiet easy setup and you don’t want to get involved in any of these complexities. Sensible default basic settings of Norton AntiVirus takes care of most issues by default. Overall, we found speeds while performing scan were excellent, our threats were all detected and there were no wrong alarms.

Having browser protection by browser extensions makes it a little bit bulkier to manage than more default integrated packages. Still, Norton’s malicious URL blocking extensions record is one of the best in the AntiVirus industry among the competitors, and well worth installing.

Final thoughts
Norton AntiVirus Plus gets impressive scores in independent lab tests and our own hands-on tests and offers a wealth of useful features. However, it's expensive and doesn't offer deals for multiple-computer households.
My pros
Easy and intuitive dashboard
Multi-platform support
Around-the-clock customer support via phone
Reliable file storage and backup options
Norton Power Eraser tool blocks suspicious software
My cons
The software impacts performance
Lack of secure web-browser